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Should I Hire An Advertising Agency?

Posted by dodgeadmin on January 14, 2017 3:59 pm

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When some business owners think of advertising agencies, they imagine creative pitches in plush boardrooms, involving top-tier clients with enormous budgets. Blame it on watching too many episodes of Mad Men. The reality is most agencies work with small-to-medium sized businesses, helping them bring a higher level of strategy and focus to their marketing.

Almost any size company can benefit from working with an ad agency, and you don’t need a huge budget to get results. Many local agencies offer similar services as large ad shops, only scaled down to fit your budget and needs. So should you hire an advertising agency? Here are a few critical questions that will help you make a decision.

Are you Advertising in the Right Media?

Business owners often get frustrated by the results from their ad campaigns, and media selection is usually part of the problem. Some companies run the same ads over and over in the same places simply out of habit. They might’ve gotten great results from these platforms years ago, but the media landscape is always changing. A strategy that stuffed money in your pocket ten years ago will not work so well now.

Advertising agencies are constantly testing media, both old and new, and measure the results as they go. Regardless of what worked for you in the past, it pays to make informed decisions about how your budget should be spent today.

When you hire an advertising agency, they should set goals based on your desired response from specific audiences. It’s their job to research your audience’s behaviors, craft the right message that will get them to act, and serve the ads in the most efficient channels for reaching them.

Are you overspending?

You may be an expert at haggling with your business vendors – having an intimate knowledge of where value and cost intersect in your own industry helps – but that does not mean your team has the skills to negotiate with everyone. Generally speaking, businesses are not effective media buyers. Every advertising platform has its own rate structure, sales cycle, and value proposition, and it takes experience and skill to put together an efficient media plan. Advertising agencies have professional media buyers on staff that negotiate rates directly with sales people, using their knowledge of the market to get you the very best exposure for every dollar spent.

is your message effective & consistent?

When companies rely on multiple media outlets to manage their advertising, it’s hard to maintain a consistent message, design, and brand focus. An ad agency will provide you with one account manager who is responsible for making all parts of your campaign sing in harmony.

Like media buying, companies are not always good at creating messages that generate results. Writing and producing effective ad copy is harder than most people realize, and when you depend on media outlets to manage the campaign, the message often suffers in quality and clarity.

Sometimes businesses focus on the wrong message entirely as well, overwhelming people with too much information instead of honing in on one thing they will remember. Good advertising is about what people want to know about your brand, not what you want to tell them.

Advertising is art and science wrapped up in one complex, ever-changing industry. Regardless of whether you’re dabbling in traditional media or trail-blazing with digital campaigns, an advertising agency can save you a lot of time and effort. Your investment will be managed by a professional team that never stops pushing for greater results, and if they do their jobs right, you’ll never look back.

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