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4 Ways an Advertising Agency Can Save You Money

Posted by dodgeadmin on January 14, 2017 3:47 pm

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Yes, you read that title right.

This article is about how advertising agencies can actually save your business money. Now, that doesn’t mean that you won’t face expenses, as well – you can count on paying for creative development, design, and other hands-on tasks – but many executives are surprised to learn that an advertising agency can actually reduce certain costs.


Time is not money – it’s far more valuable than that. Think about all the hats you have to wear to keep a business running right. If you are still wearing the marketing hat, that’s a red flag, right there.

Humor me for a moment. Stand up and find a mirror. After pausing a moment to admire your stunning good looks, ask yourself: Do I really have the spare time to do marketing right? The answer is almost always no.

An advertising agency not only will take the burden of planning and executing campaigns off your shoulders, they also play defense for you. Is your phone constantly buzzing with “urgent calls” from media sales reps, all begging for a few minutes of your time to tell you about some amazing new vehicle for your message? Sales reps will consume every last minute of your day if you let them. This is rarely a good investment of your time.

When an agency handles your marketing, they handle the media reps too. We field all proposals and present them to you only at an appropriate time and place.


There’s a big difference between the way agencies and sales reps plan your campaigns. Sales reps can put together strong advertising schedules that produce results, but their ultimate goal is to get as much of your budget as possible. When an ad agency manages your advertising, their goal is to maximize the results with a budget you have set. They don’t try to get more of your money. Instead, they try to do more with it.

When you have professional media buyers on your side – and most ad agencies have them – they will review all rates and contracts the business has with media vendors, and look for ways to increase the efficiency of your spending.

This reduction in rates does not necessarily put money back in your pocket. Agencies make money by collecting a commission on your ad spend, usually around 15 percent, so in the end your out-of-pocket costs might be a push. However, the savings on advertising will help offset the cost of working with your agency partners, and if they do their jobs right, the results will be worth it.


Digital marketing can be a real struggle for small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs). Social media, email, search engine optimization, pay-per-click ads are just a few of the many platforms you can use to reach new customers, and each has its own nuances when it comes to campaign management and measurement.

An ad agency will examine your digital marketing and compare campaign spending with the metrics that prove results. Chances are good they will find areas where your hard earned money is being wasted.


We’re not out to steal anyone’s job, here. Even if you hire an agency partner, you may still need a marketing staff to manage workflow, but there are several needs an agency can fulfill that may be costing you more right now. For instance, if you have a part-time social media manager who manages your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn feeds, you might save money and get better results by outsourcing that work to an agency that will keep each post in lockstep with your objectives.

Just like your advertising itself, an ad agency is an investment in your business. You will spend money to get results, but some of the expense can be softened by the services your agency provides. When you talk with a potential partner to help with your marketing, ask about their history with some of the examples listed above. An agency that can save you money while also boosting the impact of your marketing is a partnership worth exploring.


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