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How to Hire an Advertising Agency in the Adirondacks

Posted by dodgeadmin on January 14, 2017 4:06 pm

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North country businesses are realizing that advertising is changing – fast.

Many of us remember the days when it was much easier to manage your ads in-house. The ads were not cheap, granted, but they worked. As long as your ad was coherent you never had to worry about whether customers would walk through your door. Ahh, the good old days.

Things are different now. Marketing is more complex, and results don’t come as naturally as they once did.

You might be thinking that hiring an ad agency, or replacing the one you have, might be a smart move. While a good agency can bring efficiency and impact to your marketing, finding the one that’s right for your business is key. So how do you hire an ad agency here in the Adirondacks? We’ve got some thoughts to share with you.

Vet The agencies you find.

We all know the Adirondack region, while geographically huge, does not offer vast options for business services. But even though your choices for agencies are a bit limited, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should go with the only one you’ve heard of.

Every ad shop has its own strengths and weaknesses – some excel at creative development and media buying, while others may be better at digital advertising and PR. A good place to start is to ask other business owners about their experiences with different agencies. They may tell you about a great team you’ve never heard of before, or share a horror story about a firm you thought was a sure bet. Any insight you can get from businesses that have been down this road is good to have. There’s no reason to make a blind decision.

Bigger Does Not Mean Better.

Every agency is different. Bigger firms have expansive resources, and they can knock a campaign out of the park with the right client. But their size can also be a downfall. Their fees will be higher because they have greater overhead, and, if your budget is not on par with other clients, you may not get the level of service you want or need.

Many businesses across the country are shifting their advertising investments to smaller “boutique” agencies that respond quicker to changes in the market. On the other hand, smaller agencies have fewer resources. The right agency for you will depends entirely on your business and objectives.

Examine Their History of Results.

A good advertising agency will have a solid track record of results to show you. Look over the case studies and see what specific challenges their clients brought to them and how the agency delivered. Make sure you look for real results and ignore “vanity metrics” that mean little to the bottom line. For instance, a campaign aimed at increasing sales should measure actual sales, not Facebook page likes and other irrelevant stats. The solution to the problem is the only thing that matters.

find out what they do well.

Your business will find a good fit with an agency that is really good at what you need.

You might not even know what you need – that’s okay. Their task is to ask insightful questions that uncover your real underlying problems and find a workable solution to overcome them. Are they good at solving challenges like yours? Ask for examples and always focus on measurable results.

What Are Their Digital Marketing Services?

It goes without saying: An agency that doesn’t do digital marketing well is not an agency that will last much longer. No matter who your target customers are, no matter where they live or how old they are – your business needs online exposure. Make sure the agency has a real track record of success in the online arena.

Hiring an advertising agency is one of the best things you can do for your business. They can save you time and add greater impact to marketing efforts. By taking the time to look for an agency that makes the best fit for your company, you’re already on track to a better investment in advertising.

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