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TV Advertising That Gets Results!

Television advertising is a powerful branding tool that creates an emotional connection with viewers.

TV advertising is one of the most powerful traditional media platforms, but also one of the most difficult platforms to do well.


–PLATTSBURGH, NY: We offer professional copywriting, scripting, photography, and editing that will bring your ad concept to life. Then we negotiate advertising rates with the TV and cable stations and place the media buy.

Can we agree that the tube is chock full of horrible ads? Good. Let’s make sure yours is not one of them. end-square

Check out some of our finest examples of TV advertising!

Video Production


–PLATTSBURGH, NY: Need a training video for employees, a sales presentation for a client, or a retrospective on your company history? We produce corporate videos that will resonate with your staff and dazzle your clients. end-square

Our video productions can enhance your brand!

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