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5 Media Buying Mistakes Businesses Make

I’ve heard many people refer to advertising as a “necessary evil” over the years, and while it always brings a smile to my face (after all, who wouldn’t want to be a necessary evil consultant?), I usually hear an underlying current of frustration in that statement. When you manage advertising on your own, it’s easy

How to Negotiate TV Advertising Rates

How much is that 30 second spot in the window? Ask a sales rep and you might not get an accurate answer. TV advertising, like all media, is negotiable, although novice media buyers wouldn’t necessarily know this. They often either take the prices they are given at face value or a cheap rotator schedule, figuring

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Media Buyer

There are two types of business owners in this world: those who love to negotiate and those who don’t. We’ve worked with both over the years, and find that even excellent negotiators often make big mistakes with their advertising. You might enjoy rolling up your sleeves and arm wrestling sales reps over pricing, but there’s

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