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The Pros And Cons Of Radio Advertising

Long gone is The Golden Age of Radio, a time when the whole family gathered around to listen to Little Orphan Annie or Orson Welles. Even though times and media habits have changed a lot, radio is still a valuable resource, one that just might get you a leg up on your competitor with your

How to Hire an Advertising Agency in the Adirondacks

North country businesses are realizing that advertising is changing – fast. Many of us remember the days when it was much easier to manage your ads in-house. The ads were not cheap, granted, but they worked. As long as your ad was coherent you never had to worry about whether customers would walk through your

Should I Hire An Advertising Agency?

When some business owners think of advertising agencies, they imagine creative pitches in plush boardrooms, involving top-tier clients with enormous budgets. Blame it on watching too many episodes of Mad Men. The reality is most agencies work with small-to-medium sized businesses, helping them bring a higher level of strategy and focus to their marketing. Almost

4 Ways an Advertising Agency Can Save You Money

Yes, you read that title right. This article is about how advertising agencies can actually save your business money. Now, that doesn’t mean that you won’t face expenses, as well – you can count on paying for creative development, design, and other hands-on tasks – but many executives are surprised to learn that an advertising

What to Do When The Media Increases Your Advertising Rates

If you’ve been in the advertising game for a while, you’ve probably gotten this phone call or email before, the one where your media sales rep sheepishly asks you to start paying more for advertising in the program or space you’ve been in for years. More often than not, your rep will cite some startling

How to Stop an Advertising Rate Increase

In our last installment we shared a few thoughts about what to do when your media partner announces an advertising rate increase. In the initial meeting with your sales rep, you should listen to what they are proposing and find out what’s driving the price hike. After that, it’s best to evaluate your leverage, based

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