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How Retargeting Can Grow Your Business

It’s a conundrum every online business has faced. You finally manage to get people to visit your website, but most of them end up leaving before taking that “next step” down your sales funnel, whether it’s making a purchase, signing up for an event, opting-in for a newsletter. Visitors don’t always do what we want

Principles of Good Ad Design

Some people think good ad design is a subjective thing. After all, everyone has own tastes. You might love country music while I hate it (unless we’re talking about Waylon, Willie, Kris and Johnny. I’m good with the Highwaymen.), but that doesn’t mean the music itself is good or bad. The same principle must apply

Keep Media Sales Reps from Wasting Your Time

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Your ad sales rep! And I’ve got a great special for you, but you have to sign up today! Let me just have two minutes of your time… Sound familiar? I know, I know –  not all ad sales reps are like this. We have our favorites too, people who’ve been

How Much Should My Business Spend on Advertising?

Calculating a marketing and advertising budget is never easy. It goes without saying that you need to spend a certain percentage of your annual gross revenues on marketing. After all, it’s the only way to bring new customers to your business, drive growth, and boost profits. Still, there are big questions here. The first is

How Much Does an Advertising Agency Cost?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by advertising? Tired of dealing with sales calls from media reps, while struggling to find time to create and manage a plan? If so, you might be thinking of hiring an advertising agency, and are looking for information about what their services cost. The answer is: It depends. We will share

The Secret to Writing Better Advertising Copy

Whether you are writing an advertisement for Google AdWords or a web page for your company’s flagship service, excellent advertising copy is crucial for success. Good ad copy is the difference between someone clicking on your ad or passing you by, the difference between a stellar website conversion rate and a dismal bounce rate, the

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