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How We Helped CVPH Solve a Nursing Shortage With Facebook

Posted by dodgeadmin on May 17, 2017 3:38 pm

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How do you hire a good nurse in 2017? Ask anyone who works in healthcare recruiting and they will reach for an aspirin.

According to a 2014 study from the American Nurses Association, the nursing profession is estimated to grow to 3.44 million jobs by 2022—up from 2.86 million in 2012. However, the industry will need more than a million new registered nurses by 2022 just to meet demand.

Many hospitals and medical organizations throughout the U.S. are struggling with nursing shortages. Until recently, the Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital (CVPH) in Plattsburgh, New York was one of those hospitals. Using newspaper advertisements and other local media efforts, CVPH was having little success finding enough RNs to meet their workforce demands. They needed a new solution, and quickly.

Lifestyle Appeals

CVPH realized advertising their job openings locally wasn’t enough. They needed to step up their efforts, get online, and get aggressive about drawing RNs to the area for fresh opportunities, so they turned to Dodge Marketing & Communications for help.

CVPH already had several geographic areas they wanted to target—including the Greater Montreal area, the Northeastern United States, and the Midwest – but the big question remained:

How could they entice nurses to move to the area? After all, the industry is a job searcher’s market. Nurses can choose to work pretty much anywhere in the country. What was going to entice them to choose Plattsburgh?


Located in upstate New York, not far from the Canadian border, Plattsburgh is over 300 miles from New York City. It’s also a long way from the Midwest, a region dotted with nursing colleges CVPH was targeting. However, the area does have one huge value proposition: outdoor recreation. Skiing, hiking, biking, and boating are all popular activities in this gorgeous region bisected by the Adirondack Mountains.

Using outdoor recreation as the calling card, Dodge Marketing began putting together carousel ads and videos on Facebook that promote the area’s unbeatable lifestyle along with the nursing opportunities at CVPH. One of the carousel ads featured two images of the same woman edited together and split down the middle. On one side of his body was a uniform, and on the other side ski apparel. The message was simple and effective: move to Plattsburgh for a satisfying life of work and play.

Facebook Advertising Results

CVPH nurse recruitment ad

Dodge Marketing started targeted the ads at Facebook users based on the criteria provided by CVPH. They filtered the audience using keywords like nurse, nursing, registered nurse, and RN in their career, field of study, or interests categories. They also targeted people interested in outdoor recreation or the Adirondack Mountains. Facebook kicked back suggestions, and the agency used those to serve the ads to the right people.

Dodge Marketing also worked with CVPH to streamline the application and inquiry process for potential applicants. Like many other hospitals throughout the U.S., CVPH used a third-party service to accept applications on its website. Job searchers had to go through five pages of content and create a profile to learn about the job, upload a resume, and apply. It whole ordeal took over half an hour.

To simplify the process, Dodge Marketing built a landing page specifically for nurse recruitment. The page included contact info for CVPH’s nurse recruiter, so that applicants could easily pick up the phone to ask questions about pay, hours, responsibilities, and other job specifics. The page made it possible for interested parties to learn more about the hospital before going into the application system, creating a profile, and making the half-hour time commitment.

Nursing Shortage No More

Between advertising on social media, the recruitment landing page, and a few other advertising services (including Google AdWords support and a small direct mail campaign to nearby colleges), CVPH saw results the hospital deemed “incredible.” In approximately one year the hospital hired 73 registered nurses, all attributed to the campaign. It goes to show how many employees are not motivated only by career opportunities. They want a balanced life that satisfies them personally and professionally – something we should all strive for.

Dodge and CVPH continue to work on many important initiatives at the hospital. One thing is clear, though – they won’t be facing a nursing shortage for a while.

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